Ash Cove Pottery

My pots are beautiful and durable high fired stoneware, microwave and dishwasher safe. They should not go directly from the refrigerator to the oven to avoid thermal shock.

Unless noted, all pieces are available in both my blue/green & tan (BL) and lavender & white (L) glaze combinations. The sgraffito (carved) and brushwork decorations are based on the patterns left by the receeding tide. Each piece is handmade and will vary slightly in shape and color from the images shown.

* denotes "Pots For a Cause"---donations from these pieces are made to the designated organization.

In the Kitchen



Well balanced with a comfortable handle in 3 sizes. Left to right--Stein: 5.75" tall, holds a pint plus. Large mug: 4.25" tall, holds 12-14 oz. Regular mug: 3.5" tall, holds 8-10 oz.                $35               $28            $25    



Dinner Plate: 10"D       $38

Luncheon Plate: 8"D    $34

Flat Bowl: 6.25"D         $32

Connoisseur's Tea Mug


Cover keeps in essential oils for a superior cup of herbal or black tea. After brewing, use the cover as a saucer for used tea bag and spoon. Brews a superior cup of tea, keeps coffee hot!   Regular Mug and Cover      $34

Berry Bowl and Saucer


Small colander for washing, draining, and serving berries and fruit. Bowl  approximately 7.25"D

Bowl & Saucer Set       $56

Chowder Bowl


A generous bowl with a comfortable handle. 5.5"D, holds 2-2.5 cups of soup, oatmeal, hot cocoa...Shown with luncheon plate. 


*Dip Dish


Dish and Spreader, 3.25"D, holds 10 oz. *Benefits Heifer International. Shown with Dinner Plate for Chip & Dip.

Dip Dish only       $26

Bathroom Pieces

Sitting Toothbrush Holder


Fights the Yuk Factor! Holds up to 6 brushes and paste. Has feet and drainage holes for air circulation--does not drip on counter.  


Hanging Toothbrush Holder


Fights the Yuk Factor! Holds up to 6 brushes and paste. Hangs on wall for small bathrooms.


*Pump Dispenser


For liquid soaps or lotions. 5.5" to top of base. *Benefits Friends of Casco Bay.


2 Piece Soap Dish


Inside piece drains the soap in 3 ways to    Fight the Yuk Factor! Also good for kitchen scrubbies and steel wool.  


Juice Cup and Tumbler


Small cups to complete your bathroom set. Tumbler also can be used as small vase.

$12       $18

Decorative Pieces

Tide Clock


Wiggle hand indicates High and Low tides, and the time in between. Second hand tells you the battery is working. Hangs on wall or use a stand. 5.5" diameter. Accurate for the Northeast Atlantic.         BL only       $45

Candle Ring


Use with greens for Advent or with fresh or dried flowers all year long. Large water well keeps flowers fresh. Makes a great table centerpiece that is low enough to talk over.             White Only            $54

*Little Vase and Bag


Perfect for holding a small flower lovingly picked by a child. Benefits *One Sky, whose programs help unlock the potential of the world’s most vulnerable young children.  Comes in Chinese brocade bag.            $12