Judaica - Jewish Ritual Pieces


Mezuzah Covers

Each cover fits a standard scroll, and comes with brass screws, the blessing for affixing a mezuzah in English and transliterated Hebrew, and a facsimile scroll. Available in both glaze color combinations. Each one is handmade and unique, and will vary from examples shown. 

Plain Mezuzah Covers - $20

Sculpted Mezuzah Covers - $30


Yahrtzeit Candle Holder

A safe and decorative holder for a yahrtzeit (memorial) candle. Available in both glaze color combinations. 

The feet raise the holder, creating an airspace that allows for safer burning. Always place the candle holder on a fireproof surface. 

 $36.00 candle not included


Handwashing Cup

Traditional two handled cup for ritual handwashing. Available in both glaze color combinations. 

Includes prayer for handwashing in English and transliterated Hebrew.



"Kosher" Silverware Drainer Set

An Ash Cove Pottery exclusive design! Each silverware drainer is marked "Meat" or "Dairy" in Yiddish and English. The drainers have raised feet and drainage holes. Use for on-counter storage of kitchen utensils, or for drying wet silverware. 

Available in Lavender & White glaze combination only.

$72.00 pair